LA flight from this love

While the whole country is desperate for a public showdown where our doe- eyed beauty gives Ashley the boot once and for all, it seems that Cheryl Cole will not be fighting for, or with, her love for the forseeable future. The singer has left Ashley at home, housebound with a broken ankle that we're sure she wishes she had inflicted, to head out for LA to record and write solo work.

Her spokesman told the Daily Mail 'Cheryl Cole is going to America for writing and recording sessions. This is a session that was scheduled last month. She is away for a week. We have no further comment to make.'

The Daily Mail also speculates that Cheryl might stop off to visit agony aunt to the stars, Victoria Beckham, who was recently busy advising Toni Terry. Cheryl, don't take Vicky's advice - next thing you know, you'll be posing in a swimming pool in Dubai, talking about renewing your vows...

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