Kylie's stateside flop

We recently aired doubts over Kylie's efforts at nut-cracking the US market. And looks like the fickle hand of the American music market have passed judgement too.

The miniature one's album has divebombed straight into the US album charts at a teeth wincing number number 139 - having sold a measly 5,500 copies nationwide. Meaning Kylie's bid to crack crazyland has slithered down the dunny once again.

While there's no accounting for US taste...it does take a powerful warbly voice to cut it in the States - (Amy, Leona and Duffy are riding high) -and it's possible Kyles's cutesy disco crooning just didn't quite cut the mustard.

Not that she should give a flying fiddlers. Making it in the States isn't the be all and end all, and she's had a cracking career here that would make even the most hardened muso weep with pride. So don't feel sad Kyles, gather up your skirt, and twirl off that stage with your microphone held high, the door's still open back in Blighty!

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