Kylie's lesbian chat

The 'I'm bisexual - honest guv' bandwagon rumbles on and now even Kylie has popped herself on it. The post-it note sized poptart has told a Spanish magazine that she sometimes fancies women. Although Kyles has never done anything with a woman, she describes herself as a 'sexual exhibitionist and natural flirt.' (Is Kylie mixing herself up with an old school Angelina Jolie?) 'I have been attracted to some women' she said.

Since the elixir of pop longevity is the drip-drip release of 'I might be a lesbian' stories and since - unlike her sister Danni, Kylie isn't showing any signs of swapping her gold hotpants for a pack of Pampers just yet, we think there may be more faux lesbian chat to come...

But come on Kyles, we thought you were classier than that...?

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