Kylie must pay!

You would’ve thought that being a massive star you’d be able to get a few freebies. Well, for Kylie Minogue this is not the case.

The star, who will be headlining this year’s Glastonbury festival, has been told that her parents will not be able to get complimentary tickets for the mega festival. Record bosses at EMI, the label to which Kylie is signed, are making cut backs – and that goes for their biggest stars too!

So proud parents Ron and Carol Minogue will have to shell out a bit to see their daughter perform. You may think – and too right! But come on: everyone expects some perks from their job – especially if you’ve been earning the company millions. Are two extra people at Glasto going to make thaaat much difference?

Oh well Kylie, there’s always the big, old EMI stationary cupboard to raid – everyone needs biros…

(Image: from YouTube)

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