Kylie Minogue: time to turn gay

Poor old Kylie. The unluckiest popstress in lovepop ever has decided she's so fed up of being on her tod, she might turn gay. Tinkerbell told The Sun that batting for the other team might be the best hope she's got of not seeing out the twilight years alone.

Speaking about bisexual screen legend Tallulah Bankhead, Kylie said, “I’d go gay for her. She was a fascinating and exotic woman. There was so much to admire about her. She lived life to the full, maybe a little too fully. I want to release the inner Tallulah in me. God knows I can’t get a man — so maybe I should cross over.” That's the spirit.

Meanwhile, over in New Zealand, seems like fans of Kylie would do pretty much anything, including going gay, to see the pop princess in concert. Kiwi papers are reporting a virtual 'stampede' to buy tickets to the first NZ Kylie concert in 20 years. It sold out in just 19 minutes. Straight, gay, polka dotted, Kylie's still got it!

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