Kylie does America

Now it really doesn't cheer us to say this. But was Kylie's performance of US single 'All I See' on Dancing With The Stars the other day, a tad....nasal? Not so much the usual Kylie ear chocolate - as Kylie ear cabbage...?

That said there's often no better accompaniment to a roast..... so in the same breath can we also say Kyles looked cute as a bugs ear in that little red dress. And those sexy moves nearly caused the enthusiastic American audience some serious damage they were whooping so much.

Kylie's making a brave bid to conquer the US market with latest album 'X'. Leona Lewis might be out there tearing the dancefloor up at the moment, but countless other UK acts have been booked a one way ticket on the failbus and sent straight back home.

Can Kylie make it? Check out miniature Minogue dancing with the stars

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