Kyle jinks

Poor old Jeremy Kyle will be nursing his wounded pride, and a nasty bruise, after being attacked by one of his guests on the show. Kyle was KO'd by a flying missile - an envelope containing DNA test results thrown by a man named 'Kev.'

According to The Daily Mail, Jeremy said to 'Kev', 'You might have heard of [budget] cuts at ITV but you can have the damn envelope if you want it. There you are. If you could be as good a father as you are envelope collector, the world would be...' Ken then threw an envelope at the chat show host's head, shouting, 'If you throw it at me, I throw it at you. Your mum. I'll give you mature in a minute mate... with your big mans (sic) stood beside you, innit? Well I'm not happy with you talking to and looking at me like that. I tell ya, I will knock you out.'

Watch the whole sorry (but faintly amusing) epidsode here:

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