Kristin Davis - red hot sex tape

Lorks a mussy. Is that really Kristin Davis we see slathering all over a..... No, can't be. Can it?

X rated photos are doing the rounds on the internet of the Sex and The City actress starring in her own sex tape. The Kristin lookalike and an unamed naked guy go at it hammer and tong...while Kristin gives lots of very happy fellatio. In fact from what we can see Kristin's doing most of the work, grinning like a cheshire cat while her man....lies back and. Doesn't do a lot!

The photos are taken from an alleged sex tape which will supposedly be released any day soon. And with the Sex and The City movie out in May (LOOK AT MOVIE PICS) if nothing else it'll grab the girls some column inches.

No confirmation or denial from Camp Kristin yet- but we're guessing the whole naughty episode will be blamed on clever photoshopping. Or, a ploy by the porn site www.clubtaylorrain.com to boost membership (the site claims to have the full tape and all pics).

Evil porno marketing ploy, or real life sex scandal about to go live, we're yet to see. In any case we're guessing Kristin Davis is perfectly horrified!

Check out the pic and decide for yourself if it's really sweet and wholesome Charlotte York or not - though we're warning, it's X X rated!
Kristin Davis sex pic

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