Konnie lifts lid and dishes dirt

Xtra Factor Konnie Huq knows which side her bread's buttered - there's no way that she'll be caught out expressing a firm opinion on any of her XFactor co-workers. However, it's interesting to hear some 'behind the scenes' gossip, even if it is more of the 'Simon's hot' variety.

Konnie told The Daily Mail, 'Simon Cowell is a very attractive man. Very charming. I love him; he is such a nice guy. He is unbelievably funny. He never shouts at anyone . . . he has a great personality . . . always up for a laugh.’

She also dismissed rumours of a feud between Cheryl and Dannii, saying, ‘I’ve been looking at their body language and the way they are with each other, and they really seem to get on. Dannii’s busy with her baby and Cheryl has been popping in. When you see her talking about Dannii’s baby, you can see that she would be an amazing mother herself. But they are always going to be pitted against each other for clothes and hairstyles. All the judges have a professional rivalry. They all want their own ­category to win, but then they all get on with it like real colleagues.’

Why can't we shake the feeling that Konnie is just too 'head girl' for the world of TV?

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