Knight Rider to make another comeback

NBC have announced it is to make 9 more episodes of Knight Rider, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The new updated series made a comeback in the US in September and was universally panned by critics. It last aired with a modest audience of 6.9 million. Perhaps the absence of The Hoff had something to do with it - the original Michael Knight had hoped to reprise his role. "I went in and pitched Knight Rider to the network with all the intentions of coming back as, like, the dad or something, but they decided to go a different route. So I just said 'See ya later and good luck" Hoff told Showbiz Spy.

The Hoff puts the beauty of the original show down to it being about "saving lives, not taking lives, and it was how one man can make a difference. We had a blast making it, and we made sure nobody died on the show; [just as] we made sure nobody ever drowned on Baywatch."

Now that K.I.T.T and the cast have been given the green light let’s hope they can auto-cruise to the top of the ratings.

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