Klaus Kinski accused of child abuse in his daughter's autobiography

Is there no end to abuse scandals involving high profile figures? Is this really what our society looks like behind closed doors or is there something about famous people that makes them prone to such warped understanding of power, innocence and sexuality?

Allegations have emerged that the late German actor, Klaus Kinski, sexually abused his eldest daughter when she was a child. In an autobiography published this week, Pola Kinski, 60, accuses her father of treating her as a sex slave from the age of five onwards and raping her, often violently, until she was 19.

Her younger sister Nastassja Kinski spoke out after her sister’s claims went public. In an interview with Germany’s Bild newspaper, the 52-year-old actress described Pola Kinski as a “heroine” and spoke of her pride that Pola had managed to break through the horrors and find the strength to write the book.

“I know the contents. I have read her words and I wept for a long time,” she told the newspaper.

Klaus Kinski, who was a seminal actor on the dark side of cinema in his time was renowned for his volatility and sense of the noir. He starred in several films directed by Werner Herzog that lurched between the sublime, the sinister and the just plain weird.

In his own autobiography, ‘I Need Love’, published shortly before his death in 1991, he made the claim that he had spent a week in bed with Nastassja Kinski. She bitterly denied the vracity of such claims father’s claims and threatened to sue him and while she hasn’t made any statement about any abuse she may have suffered in the light of her sister’s book, she is now working on her own autobiography.

Kinski never made any secret of his attraction to young girls – and rather seemed to revel in it, but the details emerging now bring an entirely new perspective to his deeply troubling persona.

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