Klass wars

Middle England favourite Myleene Klass has postponed her wedding on several occasions in the past; once because her fiancee Graham was convicted for drugs smuggling offences, which seems a sensible enough reason to call off the nuptials. This time, though, the kibosh is due to her fears of becoming another celeb statistic on the sex-scandal register.

According to the Daily Mail, Myleene was honest when asked about the likelihood of a sex scandal, along the lines of Vernon 'text pest' Kay or Ashley Cole. 'You do wonder if it could happen to you. I get offers and I'm not so blind as to think Gray doesn't - he's a catch.'

But Klass's family are always saying 'Come on Myleene' (ahem) on the subject of marriage, 'My mum keeps asking me when I'm going to get married, but I don't think it's going to happen any more! When I look at all the celeb couples splitting up, I think it's time to return to the basics. It's much more important to just love and respect each other than have a ring on your finger.'

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