Kim'll fix it

Not that long ago Kim Kardashian's new hubby was on a plane when he bumped into her sex-tape-ex, the man credited with - quite literally - launching her to the outer echelons of fame. An awkward 'hi' followed in which Kim's hubby tried to pretend he didn't know who Mr Sex Tape was, then the two went politely on their way. Well the tape in question, 'Kim Kardashian Superstar Featuring Ray J' (clearly Ray J is only an extra) is currently the star of a rather lucrative bidding war.

The man with his mitts on the goods - a Steve Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment says that a mystery buyer has been trying to block the tape from ever appearing on top shelves and until now, that mystery buyer was presumed to be Kim; she is after all, a married woman. Well it's not her. Hirsch, who it's fair to say is no Sherlock Holmes, says: 'It made sense the entire time it would be Kim, but it appears it’s not.' Illuminating, thanks Steve.

Apparently the person who is so desperate to own the rights to the tape will only reveal him/herself once the deal has been done. Since Hirsch wants an eyepopping $30million for the pleasure, we're guessing it's someone very rich….someone who has a vested interest in not seeing Kim with another man, someone like....? We have no idea.

The only thing that is for sure is that the humble sex tape is not suffering in a global economic crisis. Not even Hollywood saturation of the market of the market can kill it. Time to dust off that dodgy home vid of you starkers in a flower bed after a few too many at cousin Dave's wedding?

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