Kim Wilde's impromptu Tube performance

Back in the mists of time, OK the 80s, Kim Wilde was the nation’s darling, enslaving the entire male population of the UK with her Kids In America hit, before cosying up to the families with her cloying Christmas charity smash Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree duet with comedian Mel Smith.

After a spell as a gardening columnist, she returned to singing and is a firm favourite on the nostalgia circuit. Give her a few drinks and she’s always willing to remember her glory days. YouTube has the evidence, after a recent night hitting the cocktails at the Magic FM Christmas party.

Travelling on a crowded Tube train (the days of limousines are long gone) a very well-refreshed Kim and brother Ricky thrashed out a spirited version of Kids In America to the bemused looks of commuters heading home late from the office. Wearing a festive red dress and comedy antlers, Kim had no problem remembering every verse, while Ricky hammered away on guitar.


Although the expressions on some commuters’ faces suggested Kim had delighted them enough, she was determined to offer a festive Christmas encore. "Everyone – it's Christmas time, and I'm going to sing you a Christmas song," she said, before attempting Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree. "Can’t do it without Mel," one nitpicking onlooker was heard to mutter.

Sensing that British reserve was failing to soften in the face of her performance, Kim addressed the carriage: "I know we are all sitting on a crowded train here, ignoring each other like we normally do," she slurred. "We're just looking down into our phone and stuff, but hey – it's a Christmas thing!"

Respect to Kim for proving that you never lose it. Well OK, for proving that you can lose it in the nicest possible way. She tweeted the next day, admitting that she was tucking into a large bacon and egg sandwich to deal with the hangover.


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