Kim Kardashian : strips for Playboy and Ralph mag

Once upon a time Kim Kardashian was just a garden variety US socialite. Decent looking. massive knockers, a bit useless - and minted.

Then a sex tape of Kim and ex boyfriend Ray J found it's way onto the internet and the big time really started to hit.

Since then Kardashian's had a job and a half keeping her kecks on. She recently did a full frontal for Playboy Magazine. And now she's done some 'sexy lingerie' shots for Ralph Magazine in which, (in a canny move) Kim insisted in keeping her pants - on.

While getting your knick knacks off for top shelfers is usually anything but tasteful, Kardashian reckons a couple of shots that leave slightly more to the imagination than the Playboy ones might be just the ticket to propel her to the outer echelons of useless socialite stardom.

And she might be right. Kim already stars in her own reality TV show 'Keeping up With The Kardashians'. And on the back of her aptitude for all things camera has now bagged herself a role in a yet to be named spoof movie. Sounds good.

Watch the talented Mz Kardashian fluffing her lines while out and about with her entourage. Awfully big lips.

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