Kim's Hollywood wedding

So celeb-obsessives, the wedding of the year took place at the weekend. America's Jacqui O, K-Midds and Paris Hilton rolled into one (slight exaggeration alert) got hitched. Kim Kardashian married her beau Kris Humpries, some sort of sporting star. Anyway, who cares about him? All eyes were clearly on reality star Kimbo, who was apparently 'dripping with diamonds' as she sashayed down the aisle.

An eagle-eyed source who attended the wedding told The Daily Mail, 'When Kim walked into the courtyard and people saw her, they started playing the music - she was with Bruce and they saw her in the dress, people started to applaud... it was so dramatic, she looked flawless. Kim was very low-key, she seemed really mellow and she sort of set the tone for the whole night... It was a very mellow night, Kris is a very mellow guy and it felt very intimate. It was well planned, well executed and everything went really smoothly. The ceremony ended up being only half an hour, but it went pretty quickly. The pastor was excellent. He has known Kris Humphries since he was a teenager, so he had a real personal interest in Kris and had some interesting stories. 'He was also speaking very candidly to the couple, saying 'Look you can go from being really happy and blissful to having a mediocre marriage, if you don't work on it.''

But in celebrity-ville, it's so last year to bother about the marriage, which is clearly a minor side-show to the big. day. The wedding will be shown on telly in a special episode of 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' which will be aired in October.

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