Kids may have been embarrassed by Winslet films, judge suggests

Well, we’ve all been there. "God, Mum you are so embarrassing, there’s pictures of you topless all over the internet, really can’t you even keep a bikini on when there’s a camera around?" Celebs are no different. A judge has pointed out that Kate Winslet’s kids may have been a little abashed at seeing their Mum cavorting around in various sex scenes in films.

Mr Justice Briggs, a judge who can take his place in the quotably comic cast-list of the British judiciary, made his intervention in the current case pitting her new husband Ned Rocknroll (of the Wiltshire Rocknrolls) against The Sun. The paper was fighting Mr Rocknroll’s injunction preventing them publishing humiliating half-naked pictures of him.

The Sun’s argument was that if the kids could accept their mother’s regular ventures into nudity, they were hardly going to be perturbed at seeing their new stepdad all over the tabloids.

The judge disagreed, saying "Whatever may be the difficulties facing a mother in bringing up children while, at the same time, pursuing a career as an actress, that provides no possible reason for exposing her children to a real risk of additional embarrassment or upset from the nationwide publication of photographs depicting their other carer behaving in a foolish and immature manner when half–naked."

It does invite speculation about why Rocknroll is so sensitive about being seen "half-naked". Does he have a particularly embarrassing tattoo? Thanks to the wisdom of Mr Justice Briggs, we are unlikely ever to know.

Always happy to provide a service for its posh readers who may not be familiar with all the details of Winslet’s oeuvre, the Telegraph reported that: "Winslet, 37, has appeared topless in Titanic, nude in The Reader and having sexual intercourse on a kitchen worktop in Revolutionary Road." All are readily available on Lovefilm and Netflix.

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