Kidman told 'not to marry' Cruise

Nicola Kidman has revealed that she was told by her agents not to marry Tom Cruise because it would ruin her career. The Australian actress, who has been nominated for two Oscars and won one for her performance in ‘The Hours’ (in your faces agents!) told GQ she married Tom thumb because she was in love:

'My agents at the time were like, 'Do not get married! It will ruin your career!' And I was like, 'But I'm in love!' She added; 'I became very famous because I was the wife of somebody. I married someone famous. And really, despite the huge profile that brought to me, I was still finding my feet. All I know is that I wasn't someone interested in fame. And that's not why I got married. I wanted to work with people who intrigued me.'

The movie A-Listers first met on the film set of 'Days Of Thunder', and later worked together in the movie ‘Far & Away'. They divorced after 10 years and have both since married new partners.

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