K-Fat's coke binges

When K-Fed got fat we couldn't help feeling like all his Christmases had come at once. If marrying Britney was a lucky win, piling on the pounds was the reality TV jackpot. He is currently featuring on America's Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp. He has also had countless column inches devoted to his expanding and shrinking waistline. In fact every time he appears in public his body mass index appears to have shaved - or added another couple of hundred pounds......

So just how did the one time slender back up dancer turn into such a piggy? Clue: not from working out with Britney. The tubster gorged on as many as 24 cans of coke a day. Just one can of the stuff tastes like drinking from a river of sugar to us, so we dread to think how queasy he must have felt after 24 in as many hours.

The rotund funster said: 'I drank 12 to 24 cans of soda a day - not diet. That was all that I drank. That was my coffee, that was my candy - that was everything.' He added: 'I hit 30-years-old, I stop dancing, started eating and sitting on the couch playing with the kids here and there. I got lazier and lazier, and fatter and fatter.' K-Fat also explains how an average meal time for him consisted of low calorie treats like macaroni cheese and pizza.

Look on the bright side Fed, your battle with the bulge means you can talk candidly on chat shows - chat shows that you wouldn't have been invited on if you weren't so fat...

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