Key (scenes) cut

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve reported on how Colin Firth and The King’s Speech have been garnering all sorts of praise, with Firth picking up a Golden Globe gong and the film collecting 12 Oscar nominations, including Best Film and Best Actor for its leading man.

However hot shot movie mogul Harvey Weinstein wants to cut out some of the film’s most pivotal scenes, as he wants to get the film out to a broader family audience. This means that the scene in which (SPOILER) The king unleashes a torrent of swearing in order to beat his stammer (END SPOILER) will be cut.

Weinstein hopes that the film will lose its 'R' rating (equivalent to 18 in the UK) and become a PG-13 flick, ready for a re-release after Academy Award ceremony, in which it looks a dead cert to sweep the board.

‘The British numbers are huge because the rating lets families see the movie together,’ said the studio boss. ‘Tom and I are trying to find a unique way to do this that keeps his vision of the movie.’

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