Kerry's winning the PR war

Kerry Katona's 'project PR rehabilitation' has entered the final stages, with the most important set-piece being her return to the scene of her worst TV crime - 'that' performance on This Morning. Kerry will appear on the ITV show today to speak to Phillip and Holly about her new show, 'Coming Clean'.

According to The Sun, Kerry wants to make amends for her slurring performance two years ago. At the time, her speech and general demeanour was so alarming that Philip Schofield asked live on air whether Kerry was drunk. She replied, 'That's because I'm on medication at night-time. I had some last night, didn't I Mark?' Kerry later ranted, 'I'll never go on that programme again, I'm extremely annoyed at how they made me look. I've got an illness - it's down to the tablets I'm on for my bipolar disorder.

An ITV source said 'Phil has been asking for months to get her back on the show and now with Dancing On Ice coming up, they're ready. Kerry feels embarrassed about her last appearance. She hasn't taken drugs or bipolar medication for almost a year and feels ready to return to live telly. She's nervous as she said some terrible things about Phillip at the time. Kerry has been overwhelmed by public support. It's made her feel 100 times better about herself.'

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