Kerry's lick of paint

There's a new craze sweeping through planet celebrity and it isn't grey jeans or ankle weights - it's the humble handyman. First Lily Allen got one and now Kerry Katona has followed suit, shacking up with a painter and decorator. Ok, not quite a craze, but it's certainly catching on - Cheryl Cole, take note.

According to the News of The World, Kerry's new handyman hails from her home turf of Warrington where he lives with his parents (thanks for sharing that) and drives a Ford Transit van. The Daily Mail go the extra mile, crediting Adam Waldron with Kerry losing weight. For the purpose of believing in the idealistic theory we'll forget Kerry's stint on celebrity fat farm, her signing with a militaristic management team and eating fewer curries....

A source from the rom-com school of soundbiting says: 'For the first time in ages she is smiling again. Kerry's on cloud nine and absolutely adores Adam. She is extremely vulnerable after dumping Mark. She's using every opportunity to get back up north to be with Adam. You can take the girl out of Warrington but you can't take Warrington out of the girl.'

Now where's the Yellow Pages, our hallway needs repainting....

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