'Kerry's dead to me'

Brian McFadden has unloaded a wad of pure hatred against his ex-wife Kerry Katona through everyone’s favourite forum for brain farts – Twitter – by telling anyone who’s reading his Twitter feed (why would anyone do that, by the way?) that the formerly portly Atomic Kitten is dead to him. Nice.

McFadden’s rant was triggered by Katona labelling her ex-husband a bad father, claiming that: ‘He phones the girls about five times a year but Lilly doesn't really know who he is. Brian has a new life in Australia now. I'm not bitter, I'm just sad for him. He's missing out on two amazing girls.’

As you can imagine McFadden was less than happy with this accusation and let it all out with a series of beautiful online rants, including this, after being referred to as the fat one from Westlife: ‘Take bowl of mayonnaise-drenched chips out of your face and look in the mirror... call me fat!’

‘FACT... I call my girls at least twice a week and have a beautiful relationship with my daughters,’ he responded. ‘I've kept my silence too long and I can't keep it any more. It's killing me and my beautiful fiancée and my mum and dad and friends. ENOUGH.

‘Wish certain f**ks would stop selling there (sic) stories to rags and get a real job. Kerry Katona you are dead to me!’

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