Kerry's back in business

Things are certainly looking up for Katona Inc. She's cut Crofty loose - a good move as he seemed to spend her entire fortune on cars (when he wasn't making money from tipping off the paps about her every movement) and has signed up to a new management agency, Can Associates. Cue picture of Katona in the press looking 'business like', trooping off to meetings with her new bosses. Lucky Katona now shares management with that other celebrity trooper, Peter Andre.

Peter is fully supportive of Kezza, writing in his New! magazine column: 'I'm delighted to have Kerry on board and think that if anyone can sort Kerry's career out, [manager Claire Powell] can. Kerry has a lot of things in her life that she needs to deal with and Claire is just the person to help. Kerry can trust her completely and Claire can help her get her life back on track.'

Kind words, Peter, though we're a little suspicious that with the repeated use of 'can' (surely not subliminal advertising for Can Associates?) and all the sucking up to your manager, you had a little erm, 'help' writing your column...

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