Kerry, step away from the shifty, bald man!

If we were Kerry Katona's 'management', we would be quite frankly, alarmed. Apparently, no sooner than Kerry has got herself a nice haircut, and a fake romance with that nice man Peter Andre, than she's decided to start pining for her ex Mark Croft. You know, the one who made Kerry bankrupt, and earned a bit of extra pocket money by tipping off wifey's whereabouts to the paps. The perfect beau in other words...

A worried source said, 'Kerry’s taken to ringing Mark. He is her husband, she was with him for a long time and they have two children together. Kerry says the feelings that come with that don’t just die. She never wanted the relationship to end in the first place – she was desperate to keep things together for the sake of the kids. Now she says if they could sort out their differences they might give it ­another go.'

Oh, come on Kerry, this is ridiculous. We await the inevitable Peter Andre New! column, putting his friend on the straight and narrow.

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