Kerry removes human ink-stain

What's the one prerequisite of being a celeb, (apart from being self-absorbed to the point of distraction)? That's right, being silly enough to get an inappropriate tattoo. Usually this inky rite of passage bears the name of your current squeeze, sometimes your kids, often a badly translated Chinese proverb. Unfortunately, the majority of celebs plump for their current spouse. And with spouses changing as frequently as Lady Gaga's haircuts, an inevitable removal job awaits.

Hence Kerry Katona has been papped with a painful looking scar on her neck where her 'Mark' tattoo has been lasered off. Although the inky scrawl hasn't quite yet been erased (it's totally still there) a few more painful sessions at the docs should put that right. Actually, according to the Daily Mail (experts on the inky art) 15 sessions over the space of six weeks.

Celebs, surely a hair shirt would be more gratifying?

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