Kerry nose best

Kerry Katona was once a fixture of pages like this one, where terrible humans beings would mock, laugh and make many from her public breakdowns and insane levels of drink and drug abuse. However, she appears to have packed the bugle in, and is now trying to eradicate all signs of her previous lifestyle, including her ruined nose, which has been kicked about by the amount of cocaine she used to snort.

Katona is, according to The News of the World, going to have a £5,000 operation on her conk which will not only clean up all the mess her binges created, but also sort out her sinuses and help her breathing. Isn’t that nice?

‘Her nose is in a state and she wants it fixed,’ said a mate of hers to the paper. ‘She feels it's flat like a boxer's. It was her party trick to hook the stem of her glasses through the hole and they'd hang there. And she can stick her finger up one side and poke it through to the other.

‘The surgeon said the hole was sizeable and if he can't pull the ends of the nasal lining together then he may have to use some cartilage from the ear. Luckily for her it doesn't look like she's got one giant nostril. But there is damage higher up and it's a reminder of her old life so she wants it fixed. When she was doing cocaine all the time she used to have green gunge coming out of it. It was disgusting.’ Come on love, we're trying to eat breakfast here.

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