Kerry - Mark relations hit rock bottom

Here's a terrible thing. Mark Croft, the man with less taste than an atomically sized tastebud which doesn't work, has been forced to downgrade his car to a chavmobile.

Until now Crofty has been cruising the willow lined streets of Cheshire in a Nissan GT-R, but after last weekend's split with Kerry over money (he's blown it all) the one time keeper of the keys to the Katona estate has been downgraded to a 1980s Ford Escort XR3i. A straightalking pal told The Sun; "It's the ultimate chav car - but then Mark is hardly a man of taste."

Police routinely use Ford Escorts as undercover vehicles due to their speed, reliability and ability to go unnoticed. But with the world's media at his door, it's unlikely Crofty will fail to draw attention in his. Vrrroom, vrooooom!

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