Kerry K-atones

Kerry Katona has been doing the press rounds for the last couple of weeks, drumming up support for her new reality show for ITV2, but also to indicate to potential suitors that she's back on the D-list dating scene. We imagine that taxi drivers and failed Irish popstars will fall at the first hurdle.

According to The Daily Mail, being married to cabbie driver and all-round bad egg Mark sent her into a tailspin of drug abuse, 'I lost four years with my children. I was off my head on drugs and too into Mark. I was craving his love. I wanted the love I never got as a child. I still believe in marriage, but I'm too scared to get into a relationship again. And who'd take all this on, anyway?'

Kerry continued, 'My first husband Brian took me away from my old life - the druggies, the thieves and backstabbers - and gave me the life I wanted. But when he left me, the family I'd always wanted was gone. I think that's why I rushed into things with Mark. When I was with Mark, we were taking so many drugs. I felt so trapped, I even cut myself with a razor. Staying with Mark nearly killed me, and I escaped by telling him to 'f*** off'. Looking back, I'm embarrassed and ashamed. I was living a car crash but not any more. My personal battle is that I'm not very confident. I want to get my confidence back so I can start believing in myself.'

Good luck Kerry - an ITV2 reality show is always our first port of call when we want a confidence boost!

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