Kerry Katona's fella's super seed

It never rains but it pisses it down for Kerry Katona.

The reality wreck and model mother of 4 has spent the weekend digesting a rather nasty chunk of news - that wayward hubby Mark Croft has a secret lovechild.

According to The News of The World, the whopper was revealed to Kerry and Mark via a 'shock phonecall' in which Mark's ex lover told him he has a 3 year old son.

"Kerry hit the roof at first because she thought someone was muck-raking’ said a snitch, "but when she went through it with Mark, Kerry calmed down as she realised there was no crossover between his ex and her." That's good then.

The mystery ex is said to have fallen pregnant with the ex cabbie's child weeks before he worked his peculiar brand of magic on Kerry and, if proven, will take Croft's kid tally up to an impressive four. Two from Kerry, a daughter from someone else from way back, and now this one. Even stevens for Kerry who's also on bubba number four....but terrible news for Crofty's child support payments.

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