Kerry Katona yearning for ready meals

It’s very easy to laugh at Kerry Katona; after all it’s much simpler to just sneer at someone who is clearly struggling with multiple addictions than feel sympathy for them, especially when their life has been plastered all over the papers at pretty much their own behest.

Having said that, you’re not doing yourself any favours when you’re yearning for your long since departed free supply of Iceland ready meals. We all love a bit of grease every now and again, but that’s got to be rock bottom.

Kerry is fighting addiction on two fronts,’ said a so-called ‘pal’ to The Sun. ‘She loves cocaine and is finding keeping off that hard enough - but she loves food more.

‘Since Iceland sacked her she has not been entitled to the dozens of ready meals they delivered each week and she has said she can't cope without a fat fix.

‘Food is like a crutch for her and whenever she feels down she eats. Chips are her favourite and she loves kebabs. It's little wonder she has piled weight back on but she just doesn't care.’

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