Kerry Katona to turf her mum out on the streets?

Family fall outs can be mucky, savage affairs at the best of times - let alone if you're in Kerry Katona's clan.

Kerry's estranged mum, Sue Katona is currently bricking it that Kerry will be forced to sell the very roof over her head in order to pay her unpaid tax bill. Kerry, who was officially declared bankrupt in August, still owes a hefty £82,000 in back taxes; selling her mother's house could be a great way of stumping up some much needed pocket change.

Kerry bought the house for Sue 9 years ago, back when she still liked her, and Sue (who recently nearly went down on benefit fraud charges) has been living there ever since. Sue's modest two up two down is now worth around 100K.

Given that the pair haven't spoken since Kerry shacked up with Crofty and Sue Katona was wrongly accused of having written a book claiming Kerry had worked as a prostitute, she could be a prime target for Kerry's belt tightening.

Truthsayer Max Clifford has denied that the carpet will be cruelly whipped out from under Sue Katona's feet. Kerry's bankruptcy "will be sorted very quickly and Sue's house should be safe" he has said - but then he could easily be lying. What do you think, will Kerry really see her old dear turfed out on the streets?

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