Kerry Katona still in labour

When someone in the office cried 'Kerry Katona's in labour' someone quickly shouted back, that's cos she's always pregnant - and noone batted an eyelid.

Then we remembered that even though she seems to have been pregnant for at least the last decade, Kerry's baby isn't sposed to be born for another 5 weeks. Which means Kerry Katona is now in premature labour - and thats not too clever.

Between her cheating hubby, accusations of coke snurkling, smoking, boozing and an ailing MTV Show the latest Katona pregnancy hasn't exactly been plain sailing.

So we're keeping all our fingers and toes crossed that all goes well for Kerry and the new bub. Good luck Kezza!

Update: Kerry's publicist Max Clifford has been on the blower to various hacks to say Kerry's doing fine in hospital and is still waiting for baby boy Maxwell Croft to make an appearance. Clifford also quashed rumours Kerry's quit her MTV show Crazy In Love because she couldn't hack it saying - she's just having a break to give birth and will be straight back on screens for another series as soon as!

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