Kerry Katona pissed as a lord on This Morning?

To say this is car crash telly would be to imply that a car crash and Kerry Katona's appearance on This Morning today are somehow on a par. They're not. It's much worse. You can guess which.

Kerry was either pissed as a lord or absolutely battered on prescription drugs' during question time with Phil and Fern this morning, but whichever it was, it wasn't good.

Slurring, aggressive, disengaged, fidgety and on the verge of knocking Fern out for even suggesting she might have an addictive personality, Kerry was on the show to plug her new show Kerry Katona Whole Again - another car crash docu-soap following Kerry's lipo and breast reduction surgery.

It's got to the stage where it seems cruel to even parade Kerry about on telly anymore - it's hideous for her and the audience, and Phil and Fern were mean to keep on at her in that state. Time for the one time Atomic Kitten to start using the wads of cash she's earned (or pissed up the wall) through reality telly to get some help.... Check it out.

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