Kerry Katona has breast reduction surgery

Kerry Katona came out of hospital yesterday after having £15,000 breast reduction surgery. The ex-Atomic Kitten warbler underwent an eight-hour operation which also included liposuction and the removal of stretch marks.

Speaking about her mammaries to reporters in the Daily Mirror, Kerry served up a beautiful mental image: "After four kids I take my bra off and my nipples are by my feet." The new look Kerry was picked up yesterday at St Elizabeth Hospital by the same old Crazy in Love star Mark Croft.

Before you ask, yes that's the same Kerry Katona who little over a week was declared bankrupt for an outstanding tax bill of £82K. Luckily for Kerry her MTV show, Whole Again, were there to pick up the tab and film all of the grizzly details for the greater good of humanity. Can't wait to see it.

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