Kerry Katona: had liposuction - now back to eating junk

So Kerry Katona recently had enough fat sucked out of her to feed a small starving nation, but a pal says that since the surgery (which has pepped her up no end) Kerry hasn't exactly embraced a healthy lifestlye. In fact far from it.

Instead of doing some exercise, eating a few less currries, getting up to change the channel rather than using the remote etc, Kerry's gone straight back to a diet of junk food and fags.

"Kerry's been whingeing about getting back in shape, but she's not taking very good care of herself. You'd think she'd be tucking into salad and drinking water but she's straight back on her old diet of junk food and fags. Her attitude is she can eat what she wants because she can get the fat sucked out again" a disgruntled pal told The News of The World. How long till Kerry gets lipo again?

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