Kerry Katona gets cheated on. Again

Poor Kerry Katona. Rumoured to be powdering her nose with the devils dandruff again while pregnant. And cheated on by hubby Mark Croft, who was sprung red handed romping not even a mile from the ex Atomic Kitten's Cheshire home.

Randy text messages and secret phone calls were the order of play as Mark worked his peculiar brand of magic on Samantha Riaz. Riaz claimed she had no idea he was married and even believed his story about being a successful surveyor. Tall story luv! Especially with recorded phone calls of Mz Riaz asking about his marriage to Kerry.

'It's about the money innit’ droned Mark - showing off his impressive surveyor parlance, and how he might have bored customers to merry death back when he was cabbing.

And after all this? Mark still wants to feature as Kerry's hubby in her 750,000 a year Iceland adverts. The cheek. Get thee to the frozen vegetable aisle and don't come back Mark Croft. As for Kerry's MTV show, Crazy In Love. TV chiefs are in 'tense talks' with the star not to ditch the series. They must be bricking it.

One word of advice Kerry luv. Get rid!

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