Kerry Katona gets back with Mark Croft

After dumping her husband what feels like only hours ago, Kerry Katona is back together with Mark Croft, reports The Sun.

The pair, who split over the weekend due to Croft’s alleged financial ‘irregularities’ have had a troubled time since Kerry proved she’s one-can-short-of-a-six-pack on This Morning last year.

"Kerry's been a complete mess since the break-up. She's on so much medication she hardly knows what's going on," a non-judgmental source told the tabloid rag. "She hasn't the strength to fight - and Mark knows he holds all the cards. So far he's weaselled his way back into her home and he's already answering all her phone calls”.

It’s yet to be confirmed whether new MTV reality series, Kerry Katona: The Divorce will be scrapped.

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