Kerry Katona gears up for 15k weight loss surgery

So having big tits is starting to get right on Kerry Katona's, erm, tits. The bouncy Iceland star is gearing up for a 15 grand 'body carving session' because she's having so many problems shifting the baby weight after four kids.

Kerry, not especially known for her healthy diet, told The Daily Mail she's splashing out £7,000 on a breast reduction, £6,000 on liposuction, and a whole lot more on vein and stretch mark removal in order to annihilate the pudge once and for all.

'I'm going to have a boob reduction. I'm a GG at the moment, and when I take my bra off my nipples are by my feet. I want to be a DD instead.' (Lately Kerry's chest pups have ballooned to the size of a couple of fully grown St Bernards.) Fair play, they must be hard work to cart around, hold up in a bra, breastfeed with etc etc.

But if only practicality was the reason she's going under the knife! In fact weasly hubby Mark Croft has pushed her to do the surgery a) because he'll fancy her more when she's trimmer and b) because she'll get more work once she's thin! (Daily Mail) Instead of getting himself a new job, Crofty has done his sums and realised that having his wife butchered back into shape will soon get her back bringing home the bacon while he gets on with....well, whatever it is he does. Poor Kerry.

Still, it's true. Kerry Katona, the trainwreck the tabloids love to hate will be catapulted straight back up to model MILF and admirable 'working celebrity mum' status just as soon as she manages to squeeze back into her size 8 jeans. There's no bigger media crime in the world than being a porker!

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