Kerry Katona dropped as the face of Iceland

Kerry Katona has been dropped as the face of Iceland after the release of a video which shows the former Atomic Kitten singer snorting white powder alleged to be nose whizz.

The News Of The World published the clip yesterday on its website after which Iceland decided that it was "impossible" for Katona to continue to represent the leading supermarket chain.

Iceland made the announcement in an official statement yesterday: "For most of that time, she has been a successful part of our advertising campaigns, but has also been through some tough times in her personal life.

"We have always stood by her, as an example of a normal person and mum who has experienced some of the modern-day culture of fame, and how difficult it can be to deal with.

"However, following the most recent allegations, we feel it is impossible for Kerry to continue to work with us as one of the faces of Iceland advertising.

"In recognition of the relationship we have developed, we will continue to try and help Kerry to ensure she get the most appropriate support, should she require our assistance."

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