Kerry Katona declared bankrupt

Kerry 'My Life is like watching a train crash' Katona has been declared bankrupt, financially rather than morally, at a High Court hearing after failing to pay an outstanding £82,000 tax bill. The former Atomic Kitten warbler, recently described gushingly as a 'disgusting human being' by her ex-hubbie Brian Mc Fadden, is once again up to her neck in sticky brown stuff.

While old Kerry was able to front up the mullah to pay for weight loss surgery, multiple trips to the offie and an Everest sized mountain of nose whizz, it seems that she forgot to put a little aside for the taxman. The troubled celebrity mum was hit with a £417,000 which she managed to get down to £82,000 before the court hearing today.

So it looks like the world is going to be put through another eight seasons of Kerry Katona: Crazy in Love and another few warts and all serialised biographies as the Warrington native looks to chip away at the outstanding £82,000 owed to the HM Revenue and Customs.

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