Kerry Katona: Crazy in Love

Kerry Katona. She just wants to be liked, you know. Well, you would know, if any of you have seen the promotional clips for her new reality TV series Kerry Katona: Crazy in Love. The show has been on for the past couple of weeks and no, we can’t bring ourselves to watch it. Miss Katona is once again selling her life to the public, so people can see what a poor, tortured soul she is and maybe – just maybe – grow to like her, yeah?

Well, Kerry, people might like you if you stopped selling your soul to the media and just sat back and enjoyed the wads of cash they have already given you. We’re all for setting sights high, but we think this is a case of quitting while you’re ahead. Can’t you just be like everyone else and have a group of friends who like you and not expect to have a nation at your feet? If you haven’t noticed already, it’s really not going to happen…

(Image: from YouTube)

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