Kerry Katona compares The Priory to Butlins

Kerry Katona has a new reality show called 'Kerry Katona : The Afterbirth'. The name of the show is a clever double entendre. Not only has Kerry recently given birth again, but she's also having a a bit of an image 'rebirth'. She's getting her famously bad marriage back on track and has even managed to salvage her even bumpier reality TV career (which threatened to slither right down the dunny after her last visit to The Priory.)

Well seems the rebirth is working. She's back filming, and has now gone on record to compare her time in The Priory to a 'weekend at Butlins'.

In fact her weekend jaunts to the clinic seem to have been spent hanging out, maxin, relaxin and coolin. "It's like a holiday camp at The Priory, it's like going to Butlins for the weekend," she says, also denying she was ever in there for booze or drug problems. "It's a place to recharge your batteries. People think The Priory is just about drink and drugs but they have people with different illnesses there." Or presumably people with no illnesses who are just rich and famous and fancy a weekend away. Hey ho.

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