Kerry Katona changes Facebook status to 'single'

Proving that it's not just mere mortals who use Facebook to dump their other halves, Kerry Katona has allegedly given husband Mark Croft his P45 via the social networking site.

According to worried pals (who immediately contacted The Sun to share their concerns) Kerry Katona changed her Facebook status from married to 'single' in the early hours of this morning. Snoops were shocked to discover that Kerry's page no longer contains any reference to husband Mark Croft. She also posted a message saying; "I really never thought I would have to go through this again."

Could this mean Kerry has finally seen the light and kicked Crofty to the curb, or was it just a silly Facebook prank? No idea, and no idea again.

In other Kerry news, the one time pop-tart has put her used silicone implant on sale on Ebay in a bid to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. Bids have so far reached £4000. If divorce battles get costly, she may need it back.

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