Kerry Katona bags £55 grand new car

You've got to hand it to Kerry Katona, she knows how to large it in a credit crunch. That's right, while the rest of the UK gears up for a 2009 of sleepless nights spent worrying about the global economic crisis, Kerry and wayward hubby Mark Croft have been spotted tootling about in a brand new £55,000 Nissan GT-R..

Despite financial difficulties (which recently resulted in the couple's Porsche Cabriolet being repossessed) the one time Iceland icon has stayed ahead of the car repossession game by doing a swapsy on another Porsche she had knocking around.

"Neither Kerry Katona or her husband has spent any money on the Nissan GT-R car they were seen driving. The car was obtained through a straight swap on the Porsche Cayenne that was previously owned by the couple" a source told The Sun. Nice work if you can get it.....

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