Kerry heads back to The Priory

Kerry Katona is the latest celebrity to seek solace in the famous Priory Health centre. Kes has had about all the marital problems one person can take recently. A sham marriage to a cheating wideboy who's only 'innit' for the money and a rumoured cocaine fuelled pregnancy!

It all seems to have come to a snowy peak for Katona who's checked herself into London's hippest comedown joint to be treated for her ongoing bi-polar disorder.

The war wearied mum has even been forced to put the filming of her MTV show 'Crazy in Love' on hold. This doesn't bode well for a show hyping itself as a fluffy insight into the perfect marriage. All a bit ironic now.

Let's just hope a few days in The Priory is enough to get the mum of three - soon to be four, back on track.

We'd hate to miss out on another reality TV show. Especially with pearlers like this!

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