Kerry Come Home

Everyone's favourite former Atomic Kitten, Kerry Katona, has returned to the UK for a show down with taxi driving husband Mark Croft after admitting to getting close with an ex- Marine who she met at GI Jane fatcamp. Though Kerry has denied a physical relationship with Kevin Green, she has told Croft that the two 'sexted' (the current craze that's sweeping the world of celebrity).

A friend of the eccentric tabloid favourite told the News of the World 'Kerry is on top of the world. She thinks the world of Kevin. She said she feels a very strong attraction to him, though nothing physical has happened. Despite being a Marine, he's only a little fella, but she said his body is hot. When Kerry gets a call from him you can see her just melt. She goes all girly and giddy.'

'We thought she'd come back and be on the chips and curry but she's changed. She's been eating well and exercising. She hasn't even thought about taking cocaine. She's back on top form and is full of witty banter. It's like having the old Kerry back again.'

As much as we're fond of Kerry, 'witty' isn't a word we would immediately associate with the wayward lass...

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