Kerry clears things up on GMTV

While the words Kerry Katona and breakfast TV don't exactly make for the comfiest of bedfellows, the reality star has taken to the early morning couch again in a bid to clear her name after her last disastrous chat with Phil and Fern in which she was accused of being half cut on live tv.

Banned from This Morning, Kerry has appeared on GMTV, this time without having taken her bi-polar pills the night before in an effort to demonstrate the difference in her overall behaviour and speech.

Kerry is as candid and unfiltered as ever, happily telling viewers that 'she's 'gorra get the coil', or 'Maaaks got to get the snip', and that she gets so hyper as a result of her illness that she sometimes gets her boobs out. Presenter Andrew Castle can barely get a word in edgeways.

While one unforgiving YouTuber describes her as 'still off her head', hats off to Kerry for bringing about awareness of a mental illness which affects a large part of the population. But seriously, do the constant cameras really help?

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