Kerry and the Kittens coming back?

If you were once 'somebody' and you're now 'somebody' in a very car crash kind of way but with no money, what can you always fall back on for a swift cash injection? That's right, a la Spice Girls, Take That, New Kids, Backstreet Boys etc, a nice reunion will usually do it.

Liz McLarnon, Natasha Hamilton Jenny Frost and fallen MILF turned MIRF Kerry Katona are said to be 'in talks' about some possible reunion concerts in 2009. The Kittens reformed without Katona in 2007 but only managed to crack 77 in the charts - a failure Kerry put down to her not being there. "I made that frigging band, but they never bothered to invite me back. I know their single bombed but that’s because without me they’re nothing."

....The same Kerry who once cheerily admitted; "I can't sing to save my life. I never sang - I just spoke. You know that little verse on Whole Again that was spoken? Very nicely done - I have to say I'm a great speaker."

So there you have it. Crap first time round + tabloid career from hell = guaranteed comeback success. The Kittens might just be on to a winning formula.....

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