Kerr pledges support for naughty banker

Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr has come to the aid of one of her compatriots who was spotted looking at topless pictures of the 26-year-old beauty on his computer live on TV.

Stock broker David Kiely became a YouTube sensation when footage of him looking at racy snaps of Kerr on his computer while a work colleague was being interviewed live in the offices of the Macquarie Group.

Reports that Kiely would be fired following the incident prompted Kerr to pledge her support for the naughty stock broker: 'I am told there is a petition to save his job and of course I would sign it.'

However, a disciplinary review at the Macquarie Group has since decided that Kiely will not lose his job: 'He will remain an employee of Macquarie,' a statement read. 'Macquarie and the employee apologise for any offence that may have been caused.'

Check out the video in question below.

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